The true symbol of everything American, Uncle Sam is a great personification of everything that is right about the gold ole U.S.A. Uncle Sam is a strong, patriotic, and honorable man who stands for the entirety of the United States of America. This red, white, and blue hero is just as much as a symbol as the flag itself. The character was created in 1916, but used primarily during wartime, He wants you to wear these Uncle Sam costumes.

Uncle Sam Costumes

You can see Uncle Sam prominently on national holidays such as Memorial Day and the 4th of July. This character is donned with red, white, and blue clothing, a stovepipe hat, and a white beard. The entire country is aware of Uncle Sam, so he is a great American hero even if he is just fictional. This hero is everything that America wants in a man. If you aren't patriotic, this character will sure make it seem like you need to be. He will make you show your nationalism in full spirit the second you seem him. You can most likely see the spirit of Uncle Sam starting a USA chant anytime. To have the spirit of America lie in a fictional character was a smart idea, as we know that, much like America, this guy will never die.

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