Men's Vampire Costumes

Discover the darkness with these Men's Vampire Costumes. This selection features an array of frightening and ominous looks. Become the king of the night with these exciting outfits.

Nothing has haunted more nightmares than vampires. These fearsome denizens are known for their sharp fangs, pale skin and the ability to transform into a bat. Only coming out after the sun sets, these ghouls prey on the world while it sleeps. Except for a well-placed wooden stake, these creatures are unkillable. Embrace your inner Dracula with any of these vampire-themed outfits. Many of these styles feature bloodsucker classics like high collar capes, top hats, canes, ruffle shirts and decorative vests. Featured looks range from classic, to gruesome, to sexy and mysterious. Warning- you may feel an unquenchable thirst when you put on these vampiric looks!

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