Womens Vampire Costumes

Drive a stake into the hearts of young men in these women's Gothic and Vampire costumes! The seductive powers that you had before will now be even more irresistibly potent in these outfits. Most have to stalk their prey before biting into their necks for blood, but your victims will practically hand themselves over to you. Dress in a modern ensemble that exposes a tasteful view of your body. Or throw on an old-fashioned dress that contains a Victorian charm in its floor length fabric. Whatever your body shape or size, you will feel accommodated with the flattering material and cuts used to give you the best figure. Detail your look with a few of our accessories as well.

Like a dark and threatening force, you need to add a bite to your bark. Do so by wearing a set of fanged teeth and even dab a bit of fake blood around the corners of your mouth. This can be done successfully and quickly with the use of our makeup kits. The kits even include black nail polishes to give you the best and most cohesive look. Be sure also to blend into the night by wearing a long, ebony wig which is the ultimate shade for gothic customs. The long sleeves on some of these gowns can be complemented with a pair of long, satiny gloves. Jewelry would be a great addition to accent your features as well. Finally add a final kick to your appeal with heels that will include a special confidence to your walk.

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