Boys Vampires Costumes

Your son may be a young blood in the Halloween world, but he'll look like a pro this year if he gets dressed up in one of these Boys Vampire Costumes.

Monsters are always a popular choice for boys when picking out an outfit to trick-or-treat in because of their scary appearance and the spooky stories that go along with them. This collection includes a variety of Vampire themed ensembles based on your child's favorite villain, giving him plenty of options to choose from so he can find one that's perfect for him. To make it look like he sleeps in a coffin by day and hunts for humans at night all of the merchandise seen here features design element such as red and black color schemes, faux velvet and a vest layered over a puffy shirt. Each is unique in their own way ensuring your son will find one that fits his style best. While the clothing pieces found on this page are all different, the one thing each outfit has in common is a Blood-sucker's signature accessory, which is his cape. The high collars and long hemlines will ensure his costume is as realistic as possible and help add to his evil appearance. Once they're layered over a matching ensemble, he'll be the best looking Dracula on the block. Additional accessories such as a medallion necklace, pair of fanged teeth, fake blood, face paint and makeup palettes are each sold separately on our site if he really wants to take his look to the next level.

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