Girls Vampires Costumes

Once your daughter is wearing one of these girl's Vampire costumes she'll look so cute neighbors will be convinced living life in a coffin must be glamorous! Getting dressed up as a bloodsucker is a great way to celebrate Halloween, and your little girl will be the most adorable undead trick-or-treater in the neighborhood once she's wearing one of these ensembles. From floor-length gowns to tutu skirts and everything in between, she's guaranteed to find a kids vampire Halloween costume she adores in this themed collection.

Most of the outfits found on this page feature a Gothic design consisting of a dark color scheme, tattered hemlines, high collars, lace detailing and bell style sleeves. Each is made unique due to added adornments such as a pair of bat wings, ribbon ties or a hood so that your child can find an option that suits her best. There are also costumes that incorporate colors such as red, purple or pink if she's looking for something that's a little more girly. Of course, no outfit is ever complete without accessories and the same goes on Halloween. Our site offers themed pieces such as medallion necklaces, fanged teeth and makeup kits that will really help her transform into a Vampiress. There are also basics like tights, wigs and gloves available so that you can get everything she needs to create a head to toe look all in one place.

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