Men's Video Games Costumes

Embrace your favorite pastime with this selection of men's Board & Video Game costumes. These exciting outfits recreate the appearance of all your favorite virtual reality heroes and villains. Feel free to browse through and check out all the classic characters in this section.

Since their humble beginnings, video games have evolved in exciting and creative ways. These interactive hobbies largely got their start thanks to the Atari system. Additionally, these activities also rose to prominence thanks to coin-operated arcade booths. Although their graphics may have been primitive, these 8-bit machines gobbled a great deal of lunch money in their time. Things took a turn for the awesome when Sega and Nintendo stepped onto the scene and introduced players to heavy hitters like Gameboy, Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link, Toad and Donkey Kong. You can find a variety of iconic characters in this section.

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