Viking Costumes

Brutes in battle, cunning in trade, and epic storytellers, it's not hard to see how Norsemen have captured imaginations for centuries. You can siege the Halloween party and if you show up in one of our Viking costumes this year. Foreign kings used Vikings as mercenaries and bodyguards because they were so terrifying. Don't let that fool you, though-the Norse could throw parties that could exhaust any frat house. Release your inner warrior when you put on one of our elite outfits and you'll be the life of the crowd.

Before the pirates of the Caribbean, there were the Vikings. These fearsome sea-faring folk could make any country buckle at the knees at the very hint that they were coming. The rich mythology left behind by these Norse warriors has inspired millions, and for good reason. They gave us Oden and his all-seeing eye, shape-shifting Loki with his intricate schemes, and the bombastic thunder god Thor, just to name a few. Ladies can join the Valkyrie when they suit up in a Sexy Viking outfit, or be as beautiful as Eostre herself as a Nordic Princess. The possibilities are as vast as Asgard itself. With all the selections you'll we a well appointed Norseman. There are other options if you're tired of wearing that war-torn sheepskin. Slip on a horned helmet, grab a flail, and lace up your boots for a casual Sunday-afternoon pillage.

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