Werewolf Costumes

Werewolves are people with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf-like beast. Often, an uncontrollable curse occurs during a full moon that involuntarily turns them into a wolf. Other times, as in Twilight, werewolves can transform at will. They are based on legends and myth. Aside from the movies, the only other place you'll ever see a werewolf is while trick-or-treating or while at a Halloween costume party. These monsters are really scary, so they're perfect characters to become this year!

The process by which a man becomes a werewolf is depicted in movies as a painful process whereby your body spontaneously grows hair, your nails turn into claw and your face morphs into a wolf-like snout with snarling fangs. Your senses suddenly become more acute and you become overwhelmed with the instinctive desire to kill. Save yourself from this arduous metamorphosis and just buy a werewolf costume from us instead. They are the very essence of Halloween. Picture the scenario - a full moon, ghouls, zombies and vampires roaming the streets and you in a werewolf costume howling at the moon. Your body is covered in fur and your mask is that of a blood thirsty animal. For the most lifelike ensemble, try one that comes with Ani-Motion technology that allows the mouth and lips on the mask to move along with your own mouth movements.

In addition to werewolf costumes, we sell a variety of masks, gloves and makeup kits too to complete the look for Halloween.

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