Wizard of Oz Costumes

There can never be another timeless tail like the one about the young girl, Dorothy and her little dog Toto as they follow the famous yellow brick road to the land of OZ. Over the years there have been so many renditions of the exciting characters that it can be hard to keep track of the different costumes. Now, you can find all the fun and tasteful costumes all in one place with the Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes. From the traditional to the flirty and sexy, there is always a costume for everyone no matter how young or old they might be. Become the Cowardly Lion, Rusty Tin Man, Wicked Witch and more! Create your own Wizard of Oz crew and take a stroll down your own yellow brick road and you might even find yourself walking down memory lane. For kids, adults and even pets, everyone will find an outfit that suits them with these lovely costumes.

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