Wolverine Costumes

No one is more well known in the X-Men movies or comics than James, also known as Logan, or Wolverine. His last movie is coming out this year, but his character is timeless. This mutant has been around for ages but you can make his look modern at your upcoming event. Both men and boys have costumes that combine Wolverine’s determination and bravery to fight crime in his trademark yellow and blue colors. Get ready to take on new adventures in these trademarked X-Men Wolverine costumes.

Wolverine is a great role model for your child which makes him a great costume for him this Halloween. Slash your enemies and save your friends with two different versions of Wolverine’s famous claws. We have sizes to fit kids and adults, so even if you’re going to your next Comic Con everyone will know exactly who you are. Assemble your X-Men team to make a group costume that’s sure to be extremely powerful this year.

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