Zombie Costumes

All Zombie costumes have one thing in common; the resemble dead bodies in various states of decomposition. How a zombie is created however, has different origins. According to certain West African and Caribbean religions, they are soulless corpses that have been revived by voodoo or witchcraft. The body is lifeless, yet moves about as if controlled by a supernatural force.

In the movies, Zombies are creatures who rise from the dead to subsist on flesh, preferably brains. Their attack and bite is what turns their victim into a banshee too. These two theories are conflicting but the result is the same - a terrifying undead being who roams about inciting fear in all who see them.

Become a reanimated corpse this Halloween - wear a zombie costume. They are made for boys, girls and adults. Everybody can be a zombified with the right accessories too. The standard living dead clothing is blood stained and has rips that expose rotting flesh and bones underneath. There are zombie rocker costumes as well as undead brides, doctors, bikers and more. Some include masks but for the most unique look you need to do your own makeup. Our makeup and prosthetic kits give you very easy step-by-step directions to achieve near professional results.

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