Boys Zombies Costumes

When you're dressed as a pirate and you see a dozen other pirates at the party, you feel a little less clever and original than you did when you put that costume on. When you dress as a zombie, however, its OK because you can never have enough zombies in one room, unless of course you are trying to break the current world record of 4093! Zombies are always better in groups and when you apply your own makeup, no two ever look the same. So if you're looking for a good costume that guarantees that lookalikes won't be a problem, boy's zombies are the way to go.

Your kid will probably want a certain level of gore and grisliness in the costume. Some boys are fine with simple Zombies featuring a pale face, some sunken eyes and some raggedy clothes. Others will want to find the grisliest, nastiest thing the shop has to offer and then proceed to scare the living daylights out of their sister with it. We have boy's costumes that will achieve both.

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