Girls Zombie Costumes

Forget cute and frilly for your daughter this Halloween and let her get dressed up in one of these girl's zombie costumes featuring her favorite horror film character. If your child is more interested in monsters than she is in dolls, choosing an outfit from this collection is the way to go when it comes time to trick-or-treat on Fright Night. Most people think it's the end of the world when their little girl doesn't want to wear a pink dress, but these apocalyptic ensembles prove pink is over-rated.

No matter which kids Zombie costume your daughter chooses, she'll rise from the bottom of the grave all the way to the top of the best-dressed list. Options consist of classic Biters or themed characters who appear to have been attacked during everyday activities, such as school, before becoming a Walker themselves. Design elements of these items include blood splatters, jagged hemlines, holes and dark color schemes that come together to create the ultimate undead appearance. To make sure your child really looks like she's risen from the dead, include a makeup kit featuring a Zombie themed color palette in your purchase so she can create the illusion of rotting skin. Tights and stockings can also be found on the Accessories page if you need to add another layer to her outfit in case the weather gets chilly when it's time for her to go out and collect candy.

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