Mens Zombie Costumes

Prepare for the undead apocalypse with this assortment of Men's Zombie Costumes. These outfits feature a variety of flesh eater-themed looks that are sure to terrify even the bravest souls. Give yourself a frightening makeover with any of these horror-themed outfits.

Zombies have captured the imaginations of scary movie buffs for years. These grotesque monsters are largely inspired by the voodoo culture's tales of witchcraft and black magic. However, it wasn't until George A Romero made his revolutionary Night of the Living Dead that this genre really got its start. Ever since that fateful 1968 film, these reanimated corpses have shuffled their way into nightmares all over the world. They are known for their cracked green skin, dead eyes and their insatiable appetite for brains. Now you can bring these famous monsters to life with these terrifying styles. No matter what type of look you're going for, you will find an exciting array of options in this section. There is an assortment of your basic, garden variety flesh eaters in this area. Additionally, you can also find doctor, prom, pirate and priest varieties. Unique looks include an animated chest bursting baby, a posses head spinner and a super tough zombie hunter look. Any of these realistic looks will give you the feeling that you're in a movie. These nightmarish Halloween costumes are a wonderful way to bring some extra excitement to the occasion.

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