Womens Zombie Costumes

Leave everyone you meet shaking in fear by shocking them as a member of the walking dead in one of these Women's Zombie Costumes. The getups found here will allow you to transform into a freaky fixture of the season who always seems to be on an eternal search forbraaaaaaaains. You'll make a terrifying addition to any Halloween events you attend when you show up in one of these petrifying finds!

With the ensembles found within this collection you'll discover just what you need to become more than just a flesh muncher, but instead can be one with a stable career. Options include being a zombie nurse, a Hollywood star, a rotting housewife, or even a nun. There is also a variety of looks that will allow you to take on a less traditional occupation, like an undead pirate who marauds the seven seas, or a zombie punk rocker.

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