Zorro Costumes

Zorro is a fictional character from books and film. He is described as an outlaw who is very cunning. He is a master athlete, horseman, acrobat and marksman. He is also skilled in combat and wields a sword with precision. He uses a combination of his skills and wit to help people. Zorro is of Spanish descent and lives in California in the era of colonial Spain. The way the world sees Zorro is how he appeared in the Douglas Fairbanks movie, The Mark of Zorro. The Zorro costume was all black with a cape, a mask and a gaucho hat.

We have officially licensed Zorro costumes as well as children's styles and a sultry twist for women. The deluxe looks include the hat whereas the standard ones might not. You can create your own ensemble buy purchasing only the items you need or you can get the complete outfit. We have all of the items available to purchase as you choose.

Men will love portraying such a suave, handsome and mysterious outlaw. Women will enjoy the sexy Latina flavor of the women's Zorro costume. When everyone else is choosing comic book superheroes, you can go for a character with depth and personality. Zorro is part cowboy, part Don Juan and part valiant knight.

He is best known for using his rapier to leave his trademark "Z" letting people know "Zorro was here". This specialized sword is a must have for your character's look. No matter which one you choose, be sure to add it to your ensemble.

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